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Camellia Sinensis aka Tea Plant


Emilie's French Teas offers a wide selection of quality loose-leaf tea brands from France and around the world. We provide a variety of flavors and varieties, so you can find the perfect cup of tea every time. Our Tea Room and Tea Shop also offer tea-related accessories, such as teapots and infusers, to make your tea experience complete.

Image by Eugene Mykulyak

Herbal Medicine
Ancient Wisdom

Green Tea Leaves


Black, Oolong, Puer, Yellow, Green and White teas come from the same

plant called Camelia Sinensis,

a fascinating shrub native from China."

Green Tea Leaves

A wonderful little hidden gem for tea lovers of Kansas City. It's easily overlooked on Wornall Road. But worth seeking it out. It has a quiet inviting ambiance, emulating tea houses in France. With a tranquilly colored interior, quiet inviting ambiance, and a very experienced Tea Master in training, Emilie. The tea is exquisite, Emilie is really knowledgeable, and experienced, and it shows in the love and care, that she puts into every cup and pot of tea she makes. Definitely worth the trip and the price.

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