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Camellia Sinensis
Camellia Sinensis

Our Story


“Regardless of cultural differences, tea brings people together. In the East, it is omnipresent: at village hostels in China, in tiny Egyptians cafes, in stations and trains, in Bedouin tents, and from street vendors. All kinds of business are conducted and the most secret of secrets may be shared over a cup of tea.

Tea reaches across the generations.” 

Emilie the Owner
Emilie's Passion for Tea and Tea Bar Shots


When creating the tea room Emilie and her Husband Alex wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the tea rooms that Emilie enjoyed visiting with her mother when she was living in France.

Most of the decoration come from France and the pictures hanged on the wall represent the different places Emilie and Alex visited in France and other countries. From picking green tea in Chiang Mai to enjoying a cup of tea in one of the most fine Tea Rooms in Paris.

The French Tea Room / Salon de Thé—a first in the area—features several imported teas from France and is the perfect place to relax and connect with the community.

It is a peaceful and quiet place where you can come alone or with friends to enjoy a delightful cup of tea.

In the tea shop area you can buy everything tea. All the teas can be purchased by the ounce and you will find a wide variety of teaware and other tea gifts to prepare your perfect cup of tea at home.


 The discovery of tea in France dates back to the 1600's, when the Chinese Empire started to trade with Europe. Unlike Great Britain, few people are aware that French people also have a culture of tea. If you ask Emilie what make the French Art of tea different than other cultures, it is how the "blends are finished."


Teas are curated from all around the world; The French use their expertise in wine, culinary, essential oils and perfume to finish the blend. Which result in a more subtle and smoother taste.


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Tea is as fascinating and complex as wine...

After working in International Business and Marketing for over 15 years, Emilie decided to pursue her dream of starting her own business.


Always interested in natural healing and herbalism, Emilie first experienced Traditional Medicine when she moved to Mexico City in 2005. In 2010 she met her husband Alex in Guatemala and a year later moved to the United States.


Emilie has a passion for cultures, traditions and rituals from around the world — especially tea rituals. She describes tea as being “as fascinating and complex as wine.” Visitors to the French Tea Room quickly find out that her enthusiasm for the Art of Tea is contagious. In a recent magazine article, Emilie talks about how her interest in tea began and describes the health benefits of tea rituals.


Originally from France, Emilie speaks English, Spanish and French fluently. She has lived in five different countries, including Portugal, England, and Mexico, where ancient healing traditions are still alive. In addition to experience in healthcare and complementary and alternative medicine, she is also a Shamanic Ordained Minister.

Emilie Jackson
Wellness Director / Tea & Herb Specialist
Emilie and Alex
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