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Tisanes aka Herbal Teas


aka Herbal Teas

Tisanes aka Herbal Teas

Tisane is a generic term for any beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices or other plant material not coming from the tea shrub.

Tisanes aka Herbal Teas

Tisanes use all parts of a plant. They are usually categorized by which part of the plant they come from:

  • Leaf and Stem

  • Flower

  • Bark

  • Root

  • Fruit

  • Seed/spice


Aside from a few herbs like yerba mate, tisanes do not contain caffeine.

Tisanes aka Herbal Teas
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How to brew herbs
How to brew Herbs

How to brew Herbs

Flowers and Herbs

If you are making yourself a tisane just for pure enjoyment and relaxation generally you only need to use boiling water. The steeping time vary depending on the plant from 4/5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Loose herbs can be use as an herbal remedy. In that case instead of using a steeping technique you might use a decoction techniques. To learn more about how to prepare herbs visit our blog.

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